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    Nomad•ness TV: Mental Pieces of Paris... 

    Mental snippets of Evie as she ventures around Paris, for the first time in six years...


    Nomad·ness Travel Series Pilot: Berlin or BUST:: arrived.


    Evie takes on Berlin, in the famed pilot episode, Berlin or BUST! Watch her take on splash! Hip-Hop Festival, Tacheles Art House, beer tasting, urban gardening, and more...

    To all my backers of this project, thank you so much for all the support. This is the web version of the pilot episode that your donation helped fund. Check it out! You all are so amazing, and the gratitude that I have for all your help is unparalleled. Movements on the business side have been made, that I can't release just yet. I will when I can. Again, thank you!!!!!!!! I fu*king love you guys...



    Nomad•ness Eps. 5: Season 2 Angkor Wat 

    In this episode, Evie finally gets to touch her second World Wonder, Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. She reflects on civilizations before ours, and how it effects her travels today. Get a sneak peek of Siem Reap's Old Market downtown area. Let's not forget Pub Street.

    Along with the new episode, it's time for some fundraising! PLEASE take the time out to check out the pledge page at Kickstarter.com to help get the pilot episode of Nomad•ness shot in Berlin! We have 45 days to raise $5,000...well $4,945! Thank you all in advance. Even if you can't pledge, spread the word! Pledge as little as even $1 HERE!



    Nomad•ness Eps. 4: Season 2 Cambodia


    This episode notes Evie's traveling from Chiang Mai, Thailand through the border upon reaching Siem Reap, Cambodia. On this journey, the question of using travel as a way to run away is posed...still unanswered. 


    Nomad•ness Eps. 3: Season 2 Yoga to Muay Thai

    Nomad•ness Episode 3: Season 2 follows fellow travel buddy, Jean-Pierre and I into the first yoga class either of us have had since landing in Thailand. Our recap involves everything delicious, from banana sticky rice to the women in our yoga class. From peace, we turn to the art of war, enjoying my first ever look into the tradition of Muay Thai fighting in Thailand.