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    Nomad·ness Travel Series Pilot: Berlin or BUST:: arrived.


    To all my backers of this project, thank you so much for all the support. This is the web version of the pilot episode that your donation helped fund. Check it out! You all are so amazing, and the gratitude that I have for all your help is unparalleled. Movements on the business side have been made, that I can't release just yet. I will when I can. Again, thank you!!!!!!!! I fu*king love you guys...



    MADE SPACE for me...obsessed.


    As you all know from previous posts, not only do I live for Berlin, but I also am a huge advocate on keeping their artist colony TACHELES Open. You can check the little snippet I put together on TACHELES below.

    During this past week, while on my Facebook Berlin nostalgia ish...

    I came across MADE SPACE in Berlin, in the video above. Needless to say, I'm kinda sorta obsessed with the idea of doing something there. Be it a screening or whateva, I need this place in my life, just like I need TACHELES to stay open for all of our lives...Peep the video!