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    Nomad·ness is the reality show of one woman, one Tribe , traveling one country at a time. Through these journeys, Evie brings you urban life as it's lived around the world. Exploring art, music, food, local pastimes, and causes unique to each area she travels within. Nomad·ness is the travel experience for the young adventurer that has a creative edge.  If you're looking for an emcee battle in the middle of Japan, an orphanage in the middle of Cambodia, the best beer Germany has to offer, or an amazing vegetarian spot in the middle of a meat packing district...this is the travel series for you. The vision for the series is to also expand Evie's Nomad·ness Travel Tribe. Showcasing members and Meet Ups, in every country she travels to, at the conclusion of each episode. It's a movement.